A Well-laid Trail…(guidelines for new hares)

In Advance

  • Pick a venue and meeting place/bag drop. Contact them and explain – 6.45pm (or 1:45 for Saturday/Sunday) gather and bag drop, return between 9pm and 9.30pm (or 5pm ish for saturday). Approximate numbers – suggest an average attendance of the last 2 or 3 similar hashes on Meetup for drinks, with about half eating, and that you will confirm nearer to the day. Manage their expectations – we often come back later than 9pm if it is a fun circle, and not everyone eats. Please don’t plan a trail which will bring us back when the kitchens want to close ‘cos this just pisses them off. They lose promised revenue, and we lose a future venue.
  • Name the Hash and put it and the venue on Meetup. Add some blurb and a suitable picture if you like. Key info – is it A to A, A to B (reminder to bring cash, tickets or abos, and a torch in winter)
  • Pick a route. There are various route-planning sites on the internet, eg. http://www.gpsies.com/ http://www.sportdistancecalculator.com/., or if you have a tracking app on your phone such as Runtastic, it has an associated website where you can plan trails.Check that the route you are planning doesn’t involve locked gates (or gates that get locked at a certain time). The hash should start just after 7pm, and last until about 8:15pm. Typically, this is about 6-7km for runners, and 5km for walkers. Please plan for the SLOWEST runners, and use checkpoints, check backs and fish hooks to keep the pack together. Remember that we have to get through snacks and a circle before getting to the on-in, so try to keep the circle close to it.
  • The hares are ultimately responsible for drinks/snacks at the circle, by either organising/bringing the beer/drinks/snacks to the Hash themselves, or proactively requesting help from the Beermeister. If the Beermeister is away, help can be sought from Mismanagement or other hashers to get the provision to the circle. Make provision for both drinks and snacks – the Beermeister is not responsible for the latter. See the buying guide.
  • If you are doing beer yourself get the beer trolley from the hare at the hash before – if you are not attending, someone can get them for you and you can get them during the week. Please clean it, and the beer cups.

One or two days ahead

  • If you are not enlisting the help of the Beermeister, buy and chill drinks and snacks. Use the guide. If the Beermeister is helping, make sure they know where to bring the beer (venue or beerstop).
  • You will also need to buy flour, about 5 bags if you are using a bottle to dispense or 6 if you are simply dropping it by hand. A good tip, if it is not going to rain, is to use a tennis ball to dip in the flour and bounce – you use less flour, but it washes away easily if the weather goes against you. If it is likely to snow, use powdered paint or paprika to colour the flour, and mark as far as possible on vertical surfaces such as walls and trees where it will not get covered up (tennis ball essential for this…).
  • Target spend is CHF4 per attendee.
  • Confirm restaurant numbers

On the day

  • Set the route. Should be about 6-7km for runners, and about 5km for walkers – shorter in winter. Allow about 4 hours on the first time, and expect this to come down to about 2½ as you get more experienced.
  • If you are providing snacks or drinks yourself either take them with you, or leave time to go home and pick them up and take it to the venue/beer stop before the hash starts.
  • Set lots of checkpoints and some checkbacks to slow down the FRBs and allow the rest to catch up. Fish hooks, which send the first runners to reach them to the back of the pack, are also useful for the very fast runners.
  • Print one or more maps of the route for the walkers, including any shortcuts which will get them to the beerstop with the runners. A decent shortcut near the end is good in case the walkers fall behind.
    You will need to do chalk talk, and then follow the pack to mark through. Chalk talk includes:

Trail markings
Checkpoints and marking through for the slower runners/walkers
Calling – ‘On one’, ‘On two’, ‘On On’
Checkback 5, ‘on’ on one dot after the virtual checkpoint
Fish hooks
Beer Near and Beer Stop
On Inn

After the circle

Hand over beer carriers and cups to the hare for the next hash. Make sure there are no open bags of snacks and that the next hare knows to clean the carriers and any re-usable cups.